Vector Technologies Co LLC

Vector Technologies Co LLC
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Our mission began in 2015, when we realised there was a definite need for IT and electronics expertise that spoke the people’s language.
There are countless shops dedicated to technology and electronics. The vibrant community of UAE nationals and expatriates can certainly take their pick of technology products and services. Or can they?

Our research indicated that there was a niche in the market.

Making an electronics purchase and finding a telecommunications and Internet provider was the simple part. The consumer journey faced a gap: it needed quality, uncomplicated expertise to connect devices and get the most out of them. Vector Technologies went live.

Technology expertise is plentiful in Dubai, but Vector Technologies translates this into a common language that can be understood, without letting the technical jargon confuse you. Vector Technologies makes it a point of pride to provide quality services you can trust to be delivered when we say we it will.
Consumers – whether fully-fledged technophobes or geeks and gadget lovers without the time – count on Vector Technologies for IT, electronics and connectivity advice, assistance and problem-solving.

Businesses of all sizes have also come to appreciate the tailor-made IT services we offer, including solutions for storage, networks, servers, data backup, security, IP cameras, voice systems and web presence.

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