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Taggbox is a Social media wall solution that helps you to collect and display all social media feeds of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google + and many more on any digital platform like digital signage, websites, TV, billboards, Jumbotrons. It aggregates social content from multiple social networks for creating beautiful social media hubs and social walls.
Whether you are a sports team, restaurant, hotel, retail brand or events, Taggbox will help you display perfect social content for your need.

How to use it as?

Social Media Aggregator
Social Media Wall for Events
To Embed Instagram feed on Websites
Social Media Hub for websites
Display live tweets at events


1) Get Social feeds from any social network
2) Real-time updates
3) Powerful moderation capability
4) Display on any screen size
5) Highlight your sponsors
6) API Solutions
7) Collaboration Panel for your teams

Where can you use it?

Events: Let your fans hype your events weeks before the gates open. Concerts and festivals can get fans sharing info on all social media platforms, both before and during the event, with a customized and moderated social hub.

In-store Displays: A lot of the TV screens in restaurants or shopping malls display static content and ads which are dull and boring. You can make your screen more engaging and dynamic by displaying social wall.

Websites: It takes a lot of time and effort to update a website. When you are sharing new content on your social media channels, why not use the same content on your website? This way you can keep your website dynamic and engaging.

Marketing Campaigns: Use it for hashtag marketing campaigns. Engage your followers on a common screen like your website and drive much more traffic for your campaign.

Get in touch today to get the best solution for your needs.

WEBSITE: https://taggbox.com/

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