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Netmate information technology - Dubai Netmate information technology - Dubai
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Netmate Information Technology, Provides you a wide range of information technology solutions, and integrated services in UAE. Our emphasis on best quality services and excellent customer support comes from our vision that values the relationship and customer satisfaction. We treat our clients as trusted associates, serving them with the loyalty of a business partner and offering them best competitive rates of the markets.

Our Mission:

To recognize the importance and value of your information, having a reliable access to your information is vital for your company’s functions and key advantages over your competitors. At Netmate Information Technology, we maintain your information available all times in a secure and dynamic way is our engagement. Adapt our products and services optimising your resources in order to provide you with a differentiator in the market is our objective

We Value Innovation & Technology:

Innovation & Technology defines who we are and what we do; we value technology as a tool that reduces operation time and saves money and ultimately delivers a higher-end product that innovates.

What we offer!

The solutions provided by our personnel are designed, developed and integrated by well qualified professionals whose collective experience in the IT industry spans several decades. A strong research and development team working on futuristic technologies has contributed to the company’s success in providing leading edge technologies to its clients.

Our Experience & Expertise:

Our people know and understand the diverse world of hardware and software. Our commitment to you is to make recommendations for the right products and services at competitive prices to provide you the tools to meet your business goals and objectives. We do the research and testing in our offices We find the products to meet your needs from high end servers to single PCs We match the software to the hardware We custom configure the products to meet your specific and individual.

Our IT support services and managed services offering can ensure the optimal operation of your computers, network, desktops and entire Information Technology Infrastructure. As a leading IT support company in the UAE, our comprehensive technical support services and solutions help to protect your often sizable investments in technology and ensure the continual operation and optimization of all devices within your organization. To stay on top of hardware and software innovations and trends requires a commitment to continual research. We do that so you don’t have to. We maintain and are constantly pursuing “Partner” and “Authorized Reseller” status with the best manufacturers in the industry. Any company can sell pieces, parts and shrink wrapped software at NETMATE, we offer you integrated solutions that are designed for you and your business. From complex systems in multiple locations to integrated offices in small businesses, we’ll work with you to find the appropriate solutions that allow you to meet your business goals.


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