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MGHR Solution is a team of seasoned HR Professionals, working under the umbrella of Mostafawi Group. MGHR helps both companies and individuals navigate the ever-changing world of business. We offer years of experience providing recruitment, employee assessment and training, outsourcing and consulting services. Whether you are looking for a new and challenging career opportunity or an organization that can provide your company with tailor-made human resources solutions, then MGHR is the right place. We provide requirement for White collar & Blue collar. MGHR has the professionalism, know-how, capability and specialization in the field of manpower sourcing, recruitment and supply with a uni-numro infrastructure designed to execute projects of any dimension to the complete satisfaction of our clients. The dedicated department of MGHR solution focus exclusively on manpower supply of various kinds with special industry focus is on:-•Construction Workers of all kinds (Skilled, Semi Skilled and Un-Skilled)•Workers in Oil and Gas Sectors (Skilled, Semi Skilled and Un Skilled) .•Facilities Management Workers (Security Guards, Cleaners and Technicians)


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