Mala Yachts- Yacht Charters and Rental services in Dubai

Mala Yachts- Yacht Charters and Rental services in Dubai
Availability: 2 Days
Warranty: Full

Gatherings and hang outs are fun, especially when they are with the ones whom a person is very close to. Even a get together of colleagues is a got idea to spend an evening filled with giggles. Mala Yacht has brought to you a very special way of organizing partied and hangouts aboard one of the finest yachts of the world served by the most professional and highly trained staff. Yachts are available in all industrially available sizes and they can be booked on hourly basis as well as daily basis. Furthermore, we offer certain other activities like sightseeing, fishing and diving for the sake of our guests. Meals are offered on board which can be either from our preplanned packages and even a customer can pick one of their own for that matter. If you are looking forward to a trip to Dubai with some gathering then Mala Yachts is the ultimate choice and we make sure to never let down our guests at any cost.


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