Imprint Hut - Dubai

Imprint Hut - Dubai
Availability: 3 Days
Warranty: Full is a Web-to-Print Direct Solution for product personalization and customization to express your individuality, help you organize marvelous events, or leave a lasting impression with personal and corporate gifts.

At, use your imagination and our online Specialized Designer Tool to print on a wide range of products.
Our products are carefully selected from around the globe with highest quality and widest range, these include Mugs, Crystal Key rings, Crystal Awards/Plaques, Plates, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Flip Flops, Shot Glasses, Sports Water Bottle, Coffee Cups, Clocks, Kitchen Cutting Board, Coasters, etc.

Whether personal or corporate, every product is ideal for your design to be displayed.

Imprint Hut also sells funky products, for example, LED Shoelaces, LED Rings, LED Glasses, LED Wristbands. Some products are unique as they are sound activated and flash when sound is played next to them making it ideal for events such as parties , festivals, concerts, clubs, etc.

We sell comfortable and plush slippers which are unisex and universal sized, and are adorable.

Also, we sell funky ice trays and chocolate molds which can help making your party a hit with funky ice cubes or chocolate bars.


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