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Dubai Dolphinarium Dubai Dolphinarium
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Welcome to the Dubai Dolphinarium.
This area has been selected by Dubai Municipality due to its focus on balancing an education and family entertainment. Dubai Dolphinarium is an amazing place, where the confluence of nature and science makes for exiting journey in Edutainment Marine Adventure.

Dubai Dolphinarium is the first fully air conditioned indoor Dolphinarium in the Middle East with a temperature ranging from 21°c – 25°c.

It is our aim to provide a solid family entertainment and education about Dolphins, Seals, and other marine life.

Our mission is to provide the residents and visitors of Dubai with a high value family entertainment and educational classes that provide educational facts regarding the Dolphins, Seals and other sea life with a message calling for the conservation and protection of them and their environment. To encourage young generation to creates new solutions to help protects them and to bring awareness for their needs and threats.

Please read our Newsletter for more information about Dubai Dolphinarium. If you want to leave a comment, you can sign-up on our Guest Book. Follow the link to see some neat photos in our Photos Gallery from live action of the Dolphins and Fur Seals to the activities and events held such as summer camp and birthday parties.


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