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Cosmos Immigration, is one very few licensed agents in UAE offering Immigration services in association with Government authorized bodies of immigration consulting in very transparent, honest and ethical manner. We also provide post immigration settlement guidance and job promotion guidance.

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• Cosmos Migration Services, is a migration consultancy, providing services of immigration to aspirants that want to migrate to popular countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada Denmark and New Zealand.
• We offer a comprehensive range of options to clients that want to Migrate for Business, personal or professional reasons.
• The team of Cosmos Immigration has many years of experience in immigration and citizenship law with an emphasis on Skilled immigration, Business migration, Study abroad and with a fleet of attorney’s, solicitors & immigration lawyers in respective countries at our disposal we provide immigration options and services best suited for clients of all Nationalities. Our services include Permanent Residency, Business Immigration, Study Visa, and Temporary Resident Visa/Visit Visa, Etc.
• Our Team consults with the client to understand their needs and interests and provide Customized solutions and representation within the legal framework of immigration to reach those personalized goals.
• We provide end-to-end services from determining the country of your choice, submitting your applications, complying with the requirements, understanding migration law in specific country or region and what to do before you arrive in the country of destination and once you arrive as an immigrant.


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