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“Customer orientation” being the motto, Core Logic is synonymous with a one-stop IT solution provider. Core Logic Technologies LLC is a privately held company based in Dubenvironment where we cater to all their technology related, UAE. Established in 2001, Core Logic offers small and medium sized enterprises a customized IT

A key strength of the profile of Core Logic is its ability to evolve and adapt to the changes that take place in this rapidly advancing industry. This enables us to provide state of the art solutions to the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients and simultaneously enables us grow at higher pace then our competitors. We are also continually expanding the range of services and products listed in our portfolio thereby providing our clients with a wider and adaptable choice.

Core Logic’s vision is to become the leading Trading & Service Network for SME and our services are designed to deliver a new generation of seamless, integrated, service-centric experience focused on our customers.


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